Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Buy nothing day...

Buy nothing day is on the 28th November this year - which is this Saturday.

Buy nothing day is an informal day of action and awareness on consumerism, should be pretty easy for me seeing as I have no money anyway! What about you? Is anyone going to a buy nothing day event. or organsing one, or giving up spending for a day? I'd love to hear about it if you are!


  1. Oh no! Saturday I'm going to do my turn for selling second hand stuff at the charity market of my volunteer association...
    I fear that, on the contrary, I will have to convince people to buy... mmhhh.
    But in Italy we haven't a so great initiative... I hope that there will be something similar in the future! ;)

  2. Well, second hand and for charity can be forgiven I'm sure! Hope your sale goes well :)

    Buy nothing day is international I think, it's just really badly advertised, which is a shame.


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