Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Clothes recycling week...Day 3...How to Make a Beard out of Tights...

Ok, well this is a little specific, but if you happen to need to make a beard for a costume party, or just for your own amusement, then this is the post for you!

I'm going to someones birthday party and the theme is 'circus' - I'm going as a bearded lady, I already have enough floaty, hippy type clothes and sparkly bits to look like I might belong in the big top, but I refuse to buy a fake fur type beard from a costume shop (fake fur is made from all sorts of nasty plasticy stuff!) so I had a look in my fabric mountain and found a lot of old (clean, I might add!) tights that were about the same colour as my hair and a piece of brown corduroy and set to work.

I cut the corduroy to a beard shape and size and attached some elastic to it, to go over my ears to hold it on. I then cut the toes and crotches (urgh! I think crotch is one of the most horrible words ever!) off the tights and cut each leg into two lengthways, then folded each piece in half and cut into them so they went kind of frilly, I then pinned and sewed them onto the beard shape. I made the moustache with some more tights wrapped round wire, so I can bend it into different shapes, and attached it to the top corners of the beard. I also made a plait from some of the left over bits of tights and some embroidery thread and bells I had and attached it to the bottom of the beard.
Back tomorrow with something more normal! honest!


  1. LOL - a bearded lady!!! Seems so fun both the party and the making of... :)
    Enjoy the party!!!

    We will wait for the pictures! ;)

  2. LOL - WOW!! Can't wait to see the pics!! :)

    When I was little we made dolls out of tights, and later on mum made small carpets - never thought of making a beard out of them!! :)
    So imaginative and creative!!

    Have fun at the party!!

  3. Hi Danda and Layla, thanks guys - it was fun, and I don't think anyone else will have a costume like mine! :)

  4. Yay...I've found your blog :-D Love it...and as the ladies say, pictures are a must :-)

  5. Thank you so much Almost Mrs Average :) Lovely to have new visitors! :)

  6. WOW!! It's really beautiful!!

    Thanks for posting the pictures!! :)

    You are such an inspiration!!

  7. Heehee! Thanks Layla - I hadn't thought of it as beautiful before!

  8. :D
    What a lovely beard! For a moment I thought it was a purse! Eheheh...

  9. Lol, inspiration for my next item made of tights maybe Danda! :P


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