Friday, 27 November 2009

Product swap, Exfloliators and Blackboard.

Here are the most recent changes I've been making to green myself up a bit!

Exfoliator - I've had this pink face brush thingy (I think it was from Boots, but I've seen more natural wooden looking ones in the body shop) for yonks, and the pink exfoliating glove came free with my epilator, now I've run out of both my face and body exfoliator I'll be using these reusable options instead and saving all the chemicals that were no doubt in my products and the plastic tubs they came in.

From notes to blackboard - me and mum like to leave each other notes everyday ('dear sooz please tidy the computer table' 'dear mum I've gone to ems for tea see you later' 'dear sooz have a nice day hope you've stopped having a runny nose' etc etc etc) and I'd been gritting my teeth about these notes, it's lovely, but I kept thinking about how much paper it was using, so I was very glad when Mum suggested using the blackboard we already have in the kitchen to write notes for each other on - I didn't have to do any of my usual mind tricks/whining! Today I have drawn a picture of a bunny on it - because I'd like a pet bunny but I'm not allowed one (now she's being environmentally friendly I can use my mind tricks to achieve other goals!).


  1. Hi Sooz,
    I don't use any exfoliating products, including gloves or brushes, apart a pumice stone for my feet. I have a very sensible skin so I am a bit reluctant to exfoliate it.
    But I have a blackboard too in the kitchen for taking notes of things to buy! Yours is very lovely, and the drawing of the bunny too! :)

  2. Beautiful bunny & blackboard!!

    I have really gentle skin so don't use exfoliator either!
    Wishing you good luck with your new methods!

    I have a mini blackboard from when I was teaching the kiddies, there's some chalk dust from it so not sure it could come into the kitchen (too crowded already), it would need a tray below it, for chalk dust..
    Danda, do you take a photo of things to buy then, or..?

    Wishing you good luck with brainwashing Mum...? ;) Just make sure the neighbours don't eat the bunny or something!

  3. Heehee - thanks guys!

    My skin's quite sensitive - but dry too so it gets a bit scaly and gross unless I show it who's boss!

    Oooo Layla - noone would be allowed to eat my bunny! :( lol

  4. Great to hear your bunny would be protected at all costs! :)
    I was just kidding a bit, anyway!
    We had a pet bunny when we were kiddies too, but it was a pet bunny for me & sis, while Dad regarded it as 'food'... so.. :(

    About dry skin - remember, less soap and less washing, the better the skin will look! (I used to love long hot baths so this was really bad news for me ha ha! Now I'm more environmentally friendly & the skin is better!)
    Also, some people on Livejournal just mentioned using a towel - depending how soft or rough one you wish! :)

  5. Oh, I forgot to ask - what is the herb memo above?

    Just pretty decoration or...?

  6. I knew you were kidding about the bunny, although my neighbour probably would be quite likely to want to eat it, she didn't eat our old one (in fact she used to feed it her lef tover veggies!) so I think I'd be safe!!

    I did try to use no soap and I didn't really like it - I do only use a bit though,1 piece of nice lush soap lasts me 4 or 5 months, so I don't think thats too bad!
    I have excema so I have to be careful with my skin, but thats also what makes it dry and in need of exfoliating, otherwise I become a big skin flake - uuurgh!

    The herb memo is just the decoration on the board I think!


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