Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Is the noise this garlic would have made if it could speak! Two of them suddenly turned brown and died...I know, I know, the whole family were in shock, it was so unexpected.

So, after much watering and putting in different positions around the garden and greenhouse I decided they weren't going to come back to life, and 'harvested' them - they've certainly changed from the little cloves I planted, I seem to have small bulbs now, they don't seem to have segments but I have seen garlic thats just a whole bulb rather than a bulb with cloves, so we'll see what it's like when I eat it!
My other 4 are still going strong (touch wood) so maybe I'll get some segment-y garlic out of those!


  1. YAY for garlic!!

    Yes, I think it's ready to be harvested when the greenery goes brown!

    I've eaten non-segmented (or not-fuly segmented) garlic before, and it was okay, so do tell!!

    Probably has to do with temperatures &/or light exposure etc. Maybe you can take a look if it was more or less exposed than the others?

  2. It was further away from the wall than the other garlics, so maybe it got the full force of the cold and wind.

    I wanted them to be bigger, 'proper' garlic, but at least they did something!


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