Sunday, 15 November 2009


I was doing sooooo well on my pledge to give up plastic bags and bottles - I haven't used one for ages, then this weekend I went shopping with my friend (or following him round while he tries on lots of pairs of expensive jeans as I like to call it!) and then we went to Costa coffee because he really likes it in there (I don't, I definately don't now, but I hate those big coffee shop chains but he's having a stressful time so I was being a good friend and doing activities he liked to cheer him up) I don't drink any hot drinks, except mint tea made form mint in my own garden or by beautiful morrocan boys, and EVERY SINGLE cold drink in the place was in a plastic bottle!

I even brought it home so I could be sure it went into the recycling!
I'm so cross!
I feel a letter coming on!!


  1. It's okay Sooz, everyone has times like that.
    At least you took it home to recycle it! :D

    And good job making your guy friend feel better! That's what good friends do! X)

  2. So glad you have a letter in the works!!

    Do post what you say! :)

    And is it weird to ask for 'just tap' over there? I've often asked about it, and furiously declined offers for plastic bottles..

    They aren't so happy to serve tap everywhere if you just order this, as they charge nothing for it and still need to do washing up etc - happier to serve it with coffee or any other 'paid' drink or meal.. But if you specifically ask for it, they usually give it to you. Especially if the other person pays for something. (Or did they have no glasses? In that case, hmm, maybe you could totally shock 'em and bring your own - cup or bottle or whatever! I've even had a bottle refilled in a mountain hut/pub!!:)

  3. PS Glad you made sure for recycling the bottle! :)
    And for being such a great friend!!

  4. Thanks Sagojyou :)

    Hey Layla :) It's about the same here about the tap water - they're not happy but will give it to you if you ask, in some of the coffee places he makes me go to they have a jug and you can just help yourself, which I like a lot cos then I do refill my flask, but it was really, really busy in this place and I felt kind of shy to ask, my friends really sensitive to me doing 'embarrassing' things too and I think he would have counted refusing a plastic bottle as embarassing! lol I could have bought some food and then asked for tap water, but they only had crips (plastic bag!) or cake (not vegan!)! ohh dear!

  5. oh! Tough choices, indeed!!

    Well, I think it's okay not to embarass friends when they're having a hard time.. It took me a loong while to even start talking to people and friends about this green thing & trash 'n'all, I just didn't know how at first.. (without self-combusting from righteous wrath or something!:)

    I think eventually you'll find a way to talk to friends about these things too..

    I found that some really didn't understand or 'give a damn', but as I learnt more and got more vocabulary about this all and if I talked to them in a quiet moment (when they weren't preoccupied with other things) they were often intrigued and some later chose better practices themselves!

    Businesses in a hurry may not really appreciate our efforts too, if there's not such a crowd, some shops or merchants can be intrigued too! I haven't really tried to intrigue cafe people much.. (except one person I know:) She told me what they do with bottles/trash... It was quite interesting!)
    Now here's an idea! To 'green' cafes etc! Hmm!

    Wishing you luck with your friends and cafes and such too!!


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