Monday, 30 November 2009

What I bought this month...

This month I bought...

A beautiful food dehydrator,
A kilner jar to store my beautifully dehydrated apples,
Sew Hip magazine (quite necessary - I'm making my mum a 'stargazing mouse' doorstop for Christmas from a pattern in it)
Another kilner jar for moooore dried apples
Elf on DVD (I never buy DVDs, typical I would buy one now I'm keeping a record! I dooo actually need it though, I can't borrow it of anyone, couldn't find it to buy second hand, we have no DVD rental shop here!! and it's nearly Christmas!!)
4 books from the charity shop (they were 4 for £1 - couldn't resist, but they'll go back to the charity shop so I don't think they really count!)
A patchwork skirt from the charity shop (once I was in the charity shop looking at the books I couldn't resist - I knew there's a reason I avoid shopping!)
Some new face soap - my old one was drying my skin out.
Some bicarbonate of soda, to use for cleaning and maybe try as deodorant (although I'm going to have to research this - I know you can use baking power as deodorant and that they're similar but I'm not sure if they're the same thing!)

I'm actually quite shocked at the amount I bought this month, especially as an unemployedwithnomoney person! I feel like I never buy anything, but heres the proof, 12 things in a month! At least writing it down has made me realise and now I can do something about it and try to buy less next month.


  1. Shocking how these things add up, no? ;)

    I was really surprised at the amount I bought especially when working in a job I hated!! :)

    PS Very interested - what did you need Elf for? ;)

    And some crafts magazines can be gotten in libraries, have you checked?

  2. I only need Elf for my own personal veiwing pleasure, it's not absolutely necessary I know, but I love christmas!

    I think it's easier to buy stuff when you're in a job you hate - I used to buy things without thinking becuase I had the money and to 'cheer myself up', especially when I worked in shops becuase I was running nice things through my till all day and it was very tempting!

    I shall check out the library for craft magazines, I did look ages ago and didnt see any, I do usually use online patterns, but sometimes it's nice to have the pattern in your hand.

  3. Sooz,
    I am reading your blog from the present and this is how far I have got. I am really enjoying it.

    I am looking to get myself a food dehydrator at some point, so that I can preserve some of my excess veg and fruit from the plot.

    I am off to read more of your blog.
    PS loved the mice you made for your mother, they are really cute!

  4. Hi Mangocheeks, thanks so much for visiting my blog :D I'm glad you're enjoying it!

    I LOVE my food dehydrator, I can't recommend one enough!! :)


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