Monday, 23 November 2009

Clothes recycling week...days 4 & 5...Denim Skirt, Mending Pile, Griffindor Scarf...

Technology wasn't my friend this weekend - my laptop decided to stop working too so now I'm not only using mums camera but also her computer! But my sewing machine was still my friend, so I still managed to make a dent in my pile of fabric and clothes and other 'stuff', so I'll show you what I made in my final 2 days (the weekends don't count do they, they're days of rest!) of my clothes recycling week now...

I finished this skirt, made from an old pair of jeans - you rip all the inside leg seams open, then sew them back together then add a new panel of fabric to fill in the gap between the legs.
I also tackled this whooole pile of mending. I don't find mending as exciting as making new stuff but I think mending stuff before it falls apart is an important step in preserving the clothes I have so I have to buy less new. Here is said pile, containing a mended coat, hoodie, tshirt and knickers.

I've also made great progress all though the week with my Harry Potter scarf. Ok, well it's not that impressive considering I've been knitting this thing for 3 YEARS!!! But I will finish it this year and wear it! It's currently the length of one of my legs.

So I've ended up with 2 new skirts, some new hankies, 2 reusable shopping bags, a tshirt. coat, pants and hoodie that are wearable again and a beard - all without a penny spent or anything new used - not a bad weeks work I don't think!


  1. lol Your scarf looks waay better and more impressive than what I tried to knit in primary school and later, when it was the last real attempt to actually knit anyithing!

    Your fabrics look lovely and would LOVE to see pics of the full-scale projects too! :)

    Inspired by you, I actually cleaned out TWO closets and started a BIG pile! (Am now intimidated by the pile, mum says the sewing machine does have instructions though.:)

  2. Thanks Layla, it's the first thing I've ever knitted so I'm kind of proud it seems to be holding together - although I have no idea how to finish it off and get it off the needles once I've finished it!

    I'm going to get a photo of the skirt I made today, but the other pile isn't very exciting - it's just clothes that had holes or buttons falling off that I mended - plus theres a pair of my pants in there and I was feeling shy and wanted to camoflage them in with everything else!

    Well done for having a clear out - it feels goooood doesn't it, until you start wondering what you're going to do with that big pile of stuff!! Do let us know if you start to have any sewing machine adventures of your own!


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