Friday, 9 July 2010

Eco bird scarers...

After a naughty Mr Blackbird dug up a lot of our new veggie patch we decided we needed some bird scarers and I decided that that would be a good use for some old Cd's I had lying around.

The Cd's I used didn't work anymore, so I used a permanent marker to make it pretty and cover up the writing already on the CD, threaded some cotton through the hole in the middle then tied it onto a garden cane.  I also had a spool of video tape that I'd removed from an old VHS, which I cut into lengths and tied around the canes.  Mum became very keen on the bird scarer idea, so she asked me to make some more, just with the video tape tied onto canes, with a ping pong ball on top to act as a cane topper so no one loses an eye! (we drew faces on them so they look like little multi-armed people waving the birds away - but none of them were facing the camera!!)

I think if I was Mr Blackbird I would be suitably put off by these!


  1. I like them. I had never thought of using permanent market on the CD to pretty them up. Will do from this day forth.

  2. Thanks Mangocheeks :D I wish you many pretty CDbirdscarers in the future!


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