Thursday, 22 July 2010

Tin Score!

Last night on the way to the pub I spotted some cute vintage biscuit tins out with someones kerbside recycling and my eyes lit up but it was still a bit too light for sneakily stealing tins, so on the way back from the pub I grabbed them, whispered 'thankyou', wondered if stealing recycling was illegal, decided biscuit tins are probably not recyclable anyway so I was doing them a favour, and made my getaway!

The top one is my favorite, even though it is a bit faded - it has a handwritten label on the bottom in old fashioned handwriting that says 'blues, mauves, purples' I wonder what was kept in it!  The middle one is a little tea caddy and the blue label says 'half pound' underneath.  The bottom tin is huge and has half the label left on it, which has pictures of biscuits and the brand, which is 'Lily of Peru' - how exotic!  I love things that have had an exciting life before they've got to me!

Just a tip, if you decide to steal 3 tins from a recycling pile at 11.30 at night don't stack them all inside each other then run away unless you want to make such a loud rattling noise that your mum peeks out of the curtains to see what's going on!


  1. LOL - so you are a sort of Robin Hood of recycle! :D
    It's weird that people throw away such beautiful things, even if they go into the recycling bin! I see the same when I do my volunteer turn at the charity second hand market... what a waste!
    Glad to see that you will give these objects a second life! ;)

  2. I know, isn't it a shame that so much stuff just gets thrown out when it's still usefeul, even if it is to be recyled..sigh...
    I like to think of myself as more of a womble (are wombles just an English thing? ( but Robin Hood is much more rock and roll! :)


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