Monday, 5 July 2010

First courgette and other green things harvest...

There are many green things ready to be eaten in my garden...

The first cucumber of the season (mum's been growing these in hanging baskets) as you can see this cucumber is as wide as out fridge!

My first courgette!  I'm soo proud!

And lots of mint (this is a variety called Mint Morocco) that was getting leggy, so I cut off most of the long stems and I'm drying them in the spare bedroom for zero waste mint tea this winter!

Do you like my innovative herb drying system - I use rubber bands to keep a bunch of herbs together, then clip each bunch onto an old skirt-hanger, then hang off the handle of something (this time it was the turn of the old-lady-style shopping trolly!)


  1. Oh, how exciting! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Corrine! I am excited! Thanks for your visit :D


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