Sunday, 4 July 2010

Our New Veggie Garden...

Last week Mum had an afternoon of motivation and cleared a big space (with my help!) round the side of our house for a chicken house and some chooks.  After clearing the space she decided that the other side of the garden might be best for our future chickens so we dug two big trug fulls of our homemade compost into the cleared land (which was so dry and hard and horrible and took hours and jumping up and down on spades to get into!) and decided to make it into a mini veg plot.  Luckily enough we went into B&Q yesterday and found lots of organic plants, grown in peat free compost, in biodegradable pots reduced from £1.50 to 40p!  We got dwarf french beans, sugar snap and mangetout peas and a pumpkin.  We also have room to put in a couple of rows of something else, we're thinking maybe lettuce and some baby leeks (more on that later)

The french beans are the two on the left, the peas are at the back and the pumpkin is that small single leaf on the right!  I'm excited!

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