Friday, 30 July 2010

What I bought this month...

a bird brooch
3 kilner jars
3 candles
wooden spoon and spatula set
terracotta pigs
red shoes
Dr Who magazine-it had a free tardis that NEEDED to come home with me and live with my other Dr Who things!
Charity shop skirt

We went to the Ikea 75% off sale at the start of the month - I LOVE ikea and they have a pretty impressive eco-policy, but I didn't find anything I liked enough to buy, except some useful things like kilner-style jars (99p each for litre jars, I've been paying £3 a jar in my local shop) some candles (I'm addicted to these red berry scented candles they have there so I stocked up) and some wooden spoons.
The terracotta pigs were inspired by Mangocheeks - I was jealous of hers!  I got some for mum too!
I also got a £20 voucher for for signing up to the DVD rental I got a new book and 2 CDs (She and Him and Paloma Faith, in case you were wondering.)

I have a new system for managing my stuff...for every new thing I bring into my life I have to get rid of something I already have (I'm going to try to get rid of something similar to the new item, for example if I get a new tshirt I have to get rid of an old tshirt, but if I can't bear to be parted from one of my tshirts then I can get rid of something else).  I've spent the past year Seriously Decluttering and have sent at least 20 bin bags full of stuff to the charity shops and lots of stuff to the recycling and a little bit of stuff to the landfill.  I still do have quite a bit of stuff, but I don't want it to escalate to the level of so-surrounded-by-stuff-I-can't-move again!  So this month I've got rid of 4 CDs, a book (for the Amazon stuff), about 7 pairs of shoes and a skirt I never wore.

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