Tuesday, 12 July 2011

1940's Weekend...

This weekend me and mum went to our local National Trust property for a 1940's weekend...we were stopped at a check point by two 'soliders' checking we weren't Germans, then looked at all the nice displays of 1940's stuff...I was particularly taken with the pale blue 40's caravan, complete with cute deckchairs outside and crochet blankets inside, unfortunately I didn't really get a photo of that...but you can see it in the distance to the right of this big army tent....

There's a lovely walled veggie garden...the picture above shows hyssop, which was completely buzzing with bees and butterflies, and below are some Egyptian onions, can you see the onions are on the ends of the stalks, two things on our 'to buy for the garden' list next year!

There's also a transparent bee hive, so you can see the bee's doing their honey making stuff!

Here's mum making friends with the free range chickens...

Did you have an exciting weekend?


  1. Such a great place! I want to go! :)

  2. It is Jacyln, you should go if you ever come to Shropshire!

  3. Oh wow... this looks great. I have a thing for caravans... old ones.

    I've never seen those type of onions before. looks interesting. ;-) Looks as if you had an 'educational' weekend.

  4. I did have an educational time! I love old caravans too, and new ones, my friend has a VW camper van that I love!


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