Friday, 15 July 2011

Things I Love (almost on) Thursday...

This week I mostly love starting my new jobs!!! As some of you might remember, I lost my library assistant job a couple of months ago because of council restructuring, thankfully I was offered two casual positions within a month of losing my job, and it's taken until now to get the paperwork sorted.  Last weekend I started work as a Youth Theatre Support Worker, it's just a summer job supervising kids doing a production of Our House, which is a musical based on Madness songs.  And yesterday I did my first stint as a Casual Library Assistant in my local library, I'm so tired!  But it was lovely to be back in libraryland and to sort of know what I was doing on my first day (they use the same computer systems and stuff, which is a good job as two of the members of staff that should have been there were off sick, so there were only 3 of us all day and it was really busy!).  Yey!  Other things I love this week are...

* sleeping under my new cath kidston rose bedding * 1940's caravan * hedgehogs waiting on the path for their biscuit * surprise plums (we thought it was a damson tree!) * full harvest basket * taking my shoes off and walking on the grass in the park after standing up at work all day * skinny pigs - hairless guinea pigs, I want some! * wearing my new dr marten sandals * reading harry potter - I want to go to hogwarts! * TORCHWOOD *

What do you love this week?  Hope you're having a lovely one! xxx


  1. Good luck with your new jobs - the Madness musical sounds good fun!

    Kay :)


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