Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Baby Blackbird (and friends)...

Last night a horrible big jackdaw tried to eat the baby blackbirds out of the nest at the bottom of the garden.  Cue the blackbirds, mum and me going ballistic and scaring the jackdaw away and one baby bird escaping (I'm not sure how many babies were in the nest to begin with, so I'm not sure if any of the blackbird family were eaten).  The baby left his nest, but he's obviously not quite big enough to be ready, he spends his days flopping about the garden, with his beak open reeeeaaalllly wide waiting for daddy to feed him.  Last night I said some very rude words to the new neighbours cats, who were performing a pincer movement on him and were about to pounce!  He's very sweet.  I think I shall call him Burt.

We also have a sweet young pigeon frequenting our watering hole...wonder if he knows you're not supposed to sit in it!

We also have slightly more sensible baby sparrows, starlings, robins and dunnocks in our garden at the moment, who don't sit still to have their photos taken!

Do you have any bird families in your garden?


  1. I am at my parents at the moment and the scene you described is what i witnessed yesterday in the garden, i just don't know where the baby bird is hiding now.

  2. Such sweet pictures! We have lots of birds around my house--cardinals, pigeons, robins, crows...

  3. Oh no, Shaheen, I hope you're baby bird is ok!

    Thanks Jaclyn, I really want to see a cardinal (a red one!) but we don't really have them in the UK :(

  4. What a lovely baby, hope he stays safe!

    We have swallows that nest in our garage every year & they performed for us while we sat in the garden the other night, again - too fast to photograph... We also have 2 doves that seem to be around each morning & evening - cooing outside our bedroom window & I've even seen a distraught swan flying up our little lane - he/she must have lost it's mate, hopefully it's the same one that we've seen recently with another mate in the sea...

    Kay :)

  5. He is a lovely baby, I've seen daddy bbird taking food into the bushes, so I assume bert's taken to hiding in them, which is a lot more sensible!

    We used to have swallows in our garden when we were younger, not any more though, aren't they lovely! Poor swan, I'm glad she's found love again!

  6. Fantastic! I have a female blackbird in my garden who is recognizable by one unusual white feather on her back – I gave her the name "Milk-Stain"– :D. Since the beginning of summer she is taking her baby bird in our garden... she feeds him and he follows her everywhere!!! :D

  7. Aww I like the sound of milk-stain and her baby...it's nice to see all these bird families isn't it!


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