Monday, 11 July 2011

My Green Bag Lady Bag...

A week or two ago I entered a competition on The Green Bag Lady blog...I didn't win the competion, but I was sent a lovely, pink reusable shopping bag!  So far the Green Bag Lady has given away 16,274 fabric shopping bags, free, in exchange for the promise to stop using plastic ones.  My pink bag is great, not only because it is pink which is my most favoritest colour, but it's also got nice short handles, excellent for short arses like myself who end up dragging long handled bags along the floor if we're not careful!  It's also flowery! Yey! 

Do you have a green bag lady bag?? She's having a give away on her blog that ends today, winners get a lovely set of bags, any one else who hasn't already got a free bag will be sent one, what are you waiting for??!


  1. The bag is quite large! Nice. Thanks for the share... i went to the blog and find it such a lovely initiative. I hope i win a bag too. Holding thumbs! Absolutely love the flowery fabric too... my fav!

  2. Oh, and i love your garden in the back... it looks so lush and green... it looks like a happy place. ;-)

  3. ohh I hope you win too! Good luck! I've never heard the expression holding thumbs, but I guess it's like fingers crossed!

    and thanks, my garden is a happy place, I spend many hours sitting on the bench behind me in the photo eating ice lollies and talking to the birds!

  4. Really? you've never heard of holding thumbs? Must be a South African thing. ;-)

  5. Thanks for the shout out! Glad you like your bag! :)

  6. I love my bag, thanks so much for it! :D


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