Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Small Harvests...

This month we've been enjoying picking little bits of what's ready in the garden each day...peas, beetroot, spinach, gooseberries, rasperries, plums (which are excellent, we thought the tree was a damson but it's not!), broad beans, purple sprouting brocolli and our first crop of red rooster potatoes! 

What are you eating from your garden?


  1. Small? They seem big harvests! :)))
    This year my vegs are still sleeping... I planted tomatoes that still haven't a flower, zucchini that only bloom without a fruit, then rocket and basil – still small. The only that gives me satisfaction is parsley... :)

  2. Lovely looking fruit & veg...

    We have tomatoes growing in a pot of African Violets in our kitchen... The soil has some of our compost in it & there must have been some ripe tomatoes thrown in there - lying dormant for a couple of years... Will take some photos!

    Enjoy your harvest!

    Kay :)

  3. Hey Danda :) sorry to hear your veggies are slow off the mark this year, isn't it frustrating...I'm waiting for my courgettes (zucchini) to get going too, wish they would hurry up! Enjoy your parsley!

    Thanks Kay, your violet tomatoes sound like fun!


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