Sunday, 7 April 2013

Easy Green Things To Do This Month...April 2013...

Here are some easy, eco actions you can do this month...

Do these online actions from Greenpeace, asking for low-CO2 regulations on new cars and to stop arctic oil drilling.

April 22nd is Earth Day.  This year they're asking you to upload a photo of yourself, holding a sign saying 'The face of climate change', to their collection, which will be displayed at Earth Day events around the world.   

Sign Water Aid's pledge to show support for the right of all people to have access to clean, healthy water.

Ask your MP to support carbon-free energy, buy sending the email on Stop Climate Chaos website.

Spring clean your home using eco friendly products, my tips are here, and some more good ones here and on my pintrest board.

If you have any ideas to be added to this months list, then let me know in the comments section and if I like it, I'll add it!  And feel free to share any of this info (or the whole post) wherever and with whoever you like! 

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