Friday, 5 April 2013

Library Love...Ready Player One, Life According to Alice B. Lovely, The Virgin Cure, Making Soft Toys...

This month I've  been reading...

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline
I nearly gave up reading this, I found it quite hard to get into, I was all 'nooo this is a book about sad people playing video games'.  But I am Sooo glad I stuck with it.  Set 30 years in the future, oil has run out, the environment is shot and pretty much the whole of humanity logs into a free computer simulated reality every day called the Oasis.  Wade is a gunter (an egg hunter) searching for the hidden 'easter eggs' in the Oasis, whoever finds all 3 eggs first gains control over the Oasis, will it be Wade and his gunter friends or a sinister organisation bent on commercialising the Oasis.  It's filled with references to 80's films, music and video games (I didn't get the video game ones!).

Life According to Alice B. Lovely - Karen McCombie
This is a kids book about a pair of sad, naughty children and their new nanny.  She wears  multicoloured false eyelashes, charity shop chic, has a pet raven and see's art and beauty everywhere.  A nice easy read.  Kind of Nanny Mcphee meets Star girl.

The Virgin Cure - Ami McKay
The subject matter of this book is a bit grim - under-age girls being sold into prostitution.  But, it was a really interesting and gripping story, and the characters, especially Moth and the Doctor, were interesting and gripping too.

Making Soft Toys - Karin Neuschutz
This book has lots of sweet, simple patterns for making all sorts of toys.  I really like the dolls and bear and I will be making some bunnies for a couple of small people who are due to enter the world in a couple of months time.

Have you read anything interesting recently? 

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