Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to Recycle Tin Cans into Retro Plant Pot Holders...

I know a lady who makes genius jams for a living, and she asked me if I'd like some of her big, catering sized tin cans to use for something.  Of course I did!

I decided to use some of my lovely vintage fabrics to recycle these tins into plant pot holders for my house plants.

Step 1 - cut out a piece of fabric long enough to wrap around the tin, and an inch or 2 wider than the tin is tall.  Cut slits along the long edges of the fabric to make it easier to fold neatly round the top and bottom of the tin when you're sticking it on.

Step 2 - gather your tools, you'll need watered down PVA glue (about equal parts glue to water is fine) and a tub to put the glue in, sponge brushes, newspaper/plastic bag to protect your surfaces, something tall to stand your upside down tin on (I'm using a plastic box and a tin of sweet corn ).  Paint the glue mixture on to the tin, wrap the fabric carefully round, pulling it tight as you go (you might find it easier to hold the tin to do this, I put one hand inside and used the other to wrap the fabric round.)  Use undiluted PVA glue to stick the edge down.  Spread diluted glue mixture all over the top of the fabric, get it nice and wet so it sticks down.

Step 3 - spread the glue mixture round the top, inside of the tin, then fold the flaps you cut earlier neatly over, making sure to pull them tight, and stick them into the glue.  Do this all the way round then go over the fabric with glue to stick them down.  

Step 4 - make some more.  Wait for the glue to dry.  Overnight is probably best.  Stand them on something to stop any sticking to your surfaces.  I'm using tins of sweet corn and chickpeas to hold them up.

Step 5 - when the tins are dry flip them upside down.  You might need to trim some excess fabric off before you start gluing, I did.  Then spread glue on to the bottom of the tin and stick the flaps down, pulling each one tight as you go and covering with watered down PVA glue mixture.  If you have a gap in the middle then cover that over with a scrap of fabric if you want.

Wait for that to dry!

 Step 6 - Once they're dry, put your plants in them!  Make sure you put a little plastic tray or something in the bottom of the tin, before you put the plant in, if it gets too wet it'll probably get rusty.



  1. I love these! It's such a great idea and they look so pretty :) Love the purple and blue fabric xx

  2. Love these! I have stored a big pile of baby food tins with the intention of using them for growing plants. I was thinking about spray painting them but this is way way nicer!

  3. Love this--I have plenty of fabric scraps. These would make great gifts too--thanks!

  4. Thank you all ladies :D :D :D


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