Thursday, 11 April 2013

Vegan Junk Food...Jammy Dodgers and Choccie Dodgers...

UPDATE - Jammy Dodgers are no longer suitable for vegans, they now contain milk.  So sad!  Check out my other vegan friendly posts to see actual vegan products!    

I recently discovered that Jammy Dodgers are vegan!  They're also soya free, which is great for me 'cos soya makes me itch.  The choccie ones are the best, I think.  I thought they would just be like circular bourbon biscuits, but they are so much more my friends.  The chocolate creme in the middle is deliciousness it's self!  The Jammie Dodgers are yummy too, although I would appreciate a slightly higher jam to biscuit ratio.

Here are the ingredients for each type of dodger...I know how much vegans like to read the labels!  You can click on the photo to enbiggen it.  The packets also have the important 'suitable for vegetarians' labelling.

Have you made any magical, vegan junk food discoveries??

(This product is vegan as far as I can tell - items have suitable for vegetarians labelling, no dairy/eggs in the allergy section and the ingredients list contains no animal ingredients that I can see)


  1. oooo this is good to know! some of the oreo's are vegan too!

    1. I've heard that about oreos, but I've never tried one...I feel this must be rectified!


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