Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Things I Loved this Month...March...

This month I've loved...

* Orange chocolate biscuits * wearing pretty dresses * quoting TV/film lines with my friend and making each other laugh * making a pond * pretty flowers on my balcony * audiobooks * buying a new CD player and radio, I can listen to music everywhere in my flat now! * dinners at mummys * visiting pet shops to look at the bunnies and guinea pigs * sunshine * booking tickets to see David Tennant in Richard the 2nd next January - EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! * overtime, extra pennies! * discovering jammy dodgers are vegan * watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Ally Mcbeal, New Girl, Mindy Project, Jonathan Creek * chocolate Easter bunnies * daffodils and crocus * finding mystery money in all sorts of things I've been unpacking * excitement - my bestest friend is coming for a visit * new house plants *  Indian takeaway * cinema * popcorn * snow * planting veg seeds * wearing silver moon boots * listening to The Cranberries, McFly, Sandi Thom * DOCTOR WHO *

Hope you've all had a lovely month!

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