Monday, 22 April 2013

Spring has Sprung...Seeds are Shooting...

My seeds didn't take long to germinate...I planted these 6 days ago and look at them now! 

Here we have sweet peas, chick peas, nasturtiums, sunflowers and mini sweetcorn...

Broad beans...

Lobelia, livingstone daisy, marigold and verbena...

And here's a little frog doing a hippo impression...there's frog spawn in the pond at mums house and fish and snails zooming about too...

My balcony is still looking beautiful and colourful too!

Has spring sprung for you yet?


  1. Hi, it all looks very spring-like ! a bit different from the snowy pics you posted only a short while ago.
    I'm intrigued about the chick peas ? do you grow them as a decorative 'greenery' plant or for a crop ? I've never tried these ? and did you use ordinary chick peas from the supermarket or buy special ones for growing ?
    I sprout them, they are delicious in a salad or stew.

    1. You're supposed to be able to get a crop of green chick peas in a season, got the idea from James Wong's new book Homegrown Revolution, they're just supermarket seeds, wasn't sure if they were going to grow, but they have!

      There's some info here

  2. Your balcony looks great Sooz, not much colour in my garden just yet but things are starting to grow.I think we are a little behind up in Scotland, but we did see the sun yesterday LOL :)
    Are you still going to be growing stuff round at your mum's this year, or just on your balcony?

    1. Thank you...we have seen lots of sun this week, I hope it's on its way up to you!

      I will be gardening at mums too - big veg at hers, small stuff (salad, herbs, strawberries) at mine...I have to get down there this week sometime and get some stuff in the ground!

  3. You must be so proud of that colourful balcony. My seeds are very slow to come up this year, although hubby has just fixed the lid of the cold frame so perhaps the warmer conditions in there will get things going! Just wanted to say I love the new blog header with the close up of your retro tray. Those colours!

    1. Thank you, I am a little bit proud of it, it's so nice to look out of my window and see a bit of colourful cheerfulness!

      Thank you for the compliment on my banner too :D

      Hope your seeds get their sprout on soon, I'm sure the warm weather will help! And the cosy cold frame!

  4. Wow your balcony looks amazing Sooz!

    Love the idea of growing chickpeas - look forward to seeing how they do... Hope you're enjoying life in your little place!

    Kay x

    1. Thanks Kay :)

      Chickpeas are in the ground now and seem to be growing well...I'm interested to see what they'll do!

      And I am enjoying my new little home, thank you :)


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