Saturday, 12 March 2011

Betty Bike...

My lovely lovely friend gave me his old bike!!!!!!  I'm so excited!!!!!!!  She's currently a bit rusty and needs new tires and some oil (I think) and I'M GOING TO PAINT HER PINK!!! But for now here she is...

I'm going to call her Betty!  and I'm going to buy her a basket!

Here is some pink bike inspiration for now...


  1. Wow - A pink bike!

    Sounds like a lot of fun - You'll probably become quite famous around where you live!

    Kay :)

  2. Maybe! It's a shame I don't have pink hair any more or I would have matched!

  3. What a lovely thing, indeed. In time for Spring roaming.

  4. Yes it is, I'm very lucky! :)

  5. I like the pale pink one the best... the second last one! You lucky thing to get that bike. Hope you enjoy fixing it up... ! What fun!

  6. I am sooo lucky! I like the pale pink one best too, thats the kind of pink I'm going to paint it..I love that style of lady-baskety-bike too, but as I haven't ridden a bike since I was about 9 and those lady bikes are quite expensive I think I'll try out this free one for now!

  7. Looking forward to seeing Betty painted pink. I'm sure you will make loads of people smile when they see you ride :-)

  8. Thanks Tricia! I can't wait either!

  9. hehe I had a red bike once...

    first I was terribly ashamed of it (in school) then terribly proud of it (at Uni) I don't know what happened to it then - I still miss it!!
    (it was way older than yours too!) Dad didn't want to bring it home! 'You'll buy a new bike!' (I still didn't.) I hope someone new started riding it around in happiness!

    you have a male bike and it's going to be pink! hee hee.. It's like, trans-y bike!:)

  10. Oh, and I didn't mean to be unsupportive! YAY for old bikes!! This one looks just FAB as it is already!!

    (Though I understand how you wouldn't want to associate yourself with a bike named 'Predator'!)

  11. Ooo Layla, I like the sound of your red bike! I had a red bike when I was little and I used to love it! I'm sure wherever your red bike is it's being well used :)

    The idea of Betty the trans-y bike makes me laugh so much! :)

  12. so did you paint the bike ? and are you using it ? I'll have to look out for a lady riding a pink bike - I know we live in the same town.

    1. No, I didn't :( The seat was too high when my friend gave it to me, which I thought would be an easy fix, just undo the thingys and push the seat down, but even with the seat at it's very lowest it was still too high, which is what you get for being a shortarse (especially if you consider this was a boys bike not a mans!) I think I freecycled this one when we moved, and eventually I bought a new bike, she's blue and she's called Betty too!


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