Sunday, 13 March 2011

Springy Garden Day...

Inspired by last nights episode of Gardener's World with that nice Monty Don we took ourselves to Wilkinsons and bought some seeds, trays and organic, peat free compost. 

Here are our rows of little beetroot, green and purple broccoli, broad beans and peas.

In the pot are courgette seeds, there's another pot with bell pepper seeds, I don't know why that isn't in the photo, the tray has leeks in and the two little pots are my experiments.  I've been reading 'The Thrifty Gardener' by Alys Fowler and she suggests growing interesting and cheap houseplants from seeds in your kitchen cupboards.  I've planted a peanut and an apple pip who are going to live in the airing cupboard for a while so they germinate.  I'm waiting for someone to give me an avocado seed that I can root in a jar of water!

This is our bay tree, the winter wasn't kind to him!  There were a few green leaves under all the dead stuff - I have my fingers crossed for him!  By the way, pruning bay trees is lovely because they smell sooo nice!

Spring has sprung in our little garden!

Have you started your growing this year?  Tell me all about it!

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