Tuesday, 15 March 2011

More Springy Gardening...

We had a bit more gorgeous sunshine so me and mum did some more planting...

These potatoes are being chitted

The red onion sets are chilling out with their roots in some compost, this apparently makes them grow better once they're in the ground.  The ground we plan to plant them in is at the new house my mums buying not this one we're living in now.  We're trying to be ready with seedlings that can go straight in the ground once we move so we don't leave it too late!

This is our new garden...the blue garage and the greenhouse is ours, there's another greenhouse behind the garage too!  There are also some water butts and what looks like a compost heap and raised beds for veggie growing at the very end!

And here are some salad leaves, Pak Choi (this is called chou de chine on the seed packet, which I think is really sweet and is what I'm going to call it from now on!) and basil and oregano.

Is it sunny enough to garden where you are?


  1. Jealous of your sun! All my little seedlings are crying to go outside, but it's still so frosty here in the mornings :( Think I'm going to invest in a mini greenhouse, or at least some cloches, this weekend.
    Good luck with your move and the growing! x

  2. How organised you both are! We've got the weather - just need to get ourselves into action...

    Kay :)

  3. Jen - we're still having frost too, I think a mini greenhouse is a great idea! Our seeds are all tucked up in bubblewrap in the greenhouse until we get the keys to our new house!

    Kay, I think we're impatient to get started in a new garden rather than organised!

  4. Hi Sooz!!! Great works there in your garden! :)
    Here the sun is still too shy... it is often rainy and it happens in every weekend, when I have the only time to dedicate for seeding and growing.
    So I hope that next weekend it won't be too late for gardening!!!
    Have a sunny Sunday!!!


  5. Hi Danda! :) Hope the sun gets it's act together in Italy and lets you do some gardening soon! We've had rain and some frosts too, but thankfully some sunny days as well!


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