Thursday, 17 March 2011

Things I Love Thursday...

This week I'm lovin....

* watching Avatar * reading Withering Tights * Rose saying she likes my hair and customers at work saying they liked my glasses and my top * planting lots of seeds for our garden * the smell of bay trees * nearly finished Harry Potter scarf * watching Lost in Austen * rag rug excitement * listening to Arctic Monkeys * sunshine * coffee and chatting with Naomi * watching a squirrel dancing around the lawn and patting it with his paws * hearing cedric the cockrel who lives at my volunteer place in my own garden * making falafel and flatbread * underbed tidying * quiet time * Christmas Glee! * teaching my spanish friend lots of interesting english phrases * linnets in the garden * seeing a black steam train at the station making lots of white fluffy steam * planting veggie seeds in the sun at volunteering *

What you lovin' this week?  Hope you're having a lovely one!


  1. Ooooh i love these. This sound like you have a great eventful life with loads of good 'stuff' in it! ;-) Always good. I like the steam train in there, squirrel dancing and volunteering.

  2. That all sounds lovely!

    I've enjoyed the sunshine, being with my family, going to Falmouth Art Gallery, drinking coffee, eating a takeaway curry, seeing friends from our transition group & going to the pub after the meeting, having a lie-in - after being up early for a few mornings & cuddling our kitties!

    Kay :)

  3. Thanks Corolyn - I like to enjoy all the happy little moments in my week :)

    Kay - lie ins and kitten cuddling - I'm jealous! Sounds great! x


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