Monday, 28 March 2011

Harry Potter Scarf. My First Knitting. Griffindor!

This thing has taken me 4 years to knit!  I'm very glad it's finished, I don't think I'm a natural knitter! 

Hand knitted Griffindor scarf.

Hand knitted Griffindor scarf.
I'm 5 foot 1 and this is about 2 feet taller than me...shame it's stopped being scarf weather really!  Although I have been amusing myself by wearing one of those blankets with sleeves backwards like a robe with my new scarf and pretending I'm at hogwarts : )


  1. Ha-ha! This is soooo cool! Just love this! Your house/lawn looks great too (in the background) never thought to knit a scarve this long... I can see how cool it will look though... take a photo of you wearing it... ;-)

  2. :) Love it - I'm 5'2.

    I'm sorry that your now not able to wear your scarf, but I'm glad the weather is changing.

    Lovely to catch up on your blog and see photographs of your garden.

  3. Great scarf - I love scarves & have a collection... Have never made my own, though am intending to this year - have bought the supplies ready!

    Kay :0)

  4. Thanks y'all :D

    Carolyn - I'm having one of those days where you don't really get out of your pajamas, so I can't take a photo of myself wearing it - I did try with the camera's timer but it wasn't a success!

    Mangocheeks - I'm glad the weathers nicer too, and it's nice to look forward to wearing my new scarf when it gets chilly again!

    Kay - how exciting, do show off your scarf when it's finished! Are you knitting it or crocheting it, or something else? I had the supplies for this scarf for at least 2 years before I even started knitting it...

  5. Ooh, that's fab! And it is still a bit chilly in the evenings so you should get some wear - I'd suffer being a bit warm just to show it off lol! x

  6. Thanks Jen - I was actually cold this evening waiting for my train and I wished I had my scarf!

    Thanks so much spécialiste de l'éphémère! :)


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