Thursday, 24 March 2011

Things I Love Thursday...

This week I love...

* reading Eat, Love, Pray * Zombie Glee * Lush Karma body lotion * Luke saying to me 'have you lost weight your face looks thinner' yes, yes I have! * my big boss at work saying to my colleague 'I've never worked with Susie before, isn't she lovely, she's so helpful!' * job interview next month * walking to work without my coat on * realising how many trees there are down my road (a lot!) * cool breeze through the train window * putting up a marquee and standing in it and feeling summery * lovely people at volunteering making my mum and birthday cake and singing to her! * eating lunch on the patio in the sun * gardening without my thermal vest on! * birdsong * comfy sofa * drinks with work people * nice but sad goodbye to our lovely, Spanish work experience boy * growing seeds * daffodils * going to see Frankenstein at the cinema with Benedict Cumberbatch in it *

Hope you're having a lovely week!


  1. What a great week you've had so far!

    This week - I am so grateful for all the sunshine we are having, it is wonderful! For fresh yeast for our bread making, our home-made pizza, Sime's tofu chilli & my corn bread! For finding out about a Buddhist monk called Thich Naht Hanh, walking on the coastal path, music, red wine & all the lovely people we keep meeting... Life is very good & we enjoy every minute!

    Kay :)

  2. What a beautiful list, eco girl.

  3. Kay, I am having a good one, yey! I think the sun helps a lot! Sounds as if you've been eating very well! I'm jealous! :)

    Thanks Rosaria! I hope you're having a great week too! x

  4. Read Eat, Pray, Love few years back too and enjoyed it very much at the time... would love to travel for a year as well... loved the destinations Italy, India and Bali... **bliss** ;-) Good luck with your Job Interview... Putting up a marquee sounds fab!

    My week was good too... but yours always sounds better. ;-)

  5. But you went to hippy camp this week Carolyn - I think that definately beats my week! :D


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