Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What I Bought this Month...

1. owl tshirt
2. bra
3. bird book
4. rug making book
5. purse

The trouble with working in the library is that you see all the books that are being discarded and want to buy them!  The purse was from the charity shop (79p!) but the owl tshirt and bra were from a new-things shop.  I needed the bra sooo much, my old ones were terrible!  The owl tshirt is a naughty thing to have bought though, it was from Primark, it's not fair trade or organic, I shouldn't have bought it :(  No more shopping with mummy for me!

I got rid of sooo much stuff this month - we cleared out the loft and my wardrobe and freecycled most of the stuff, but sent some to the charity shop, a massive amount of paper work from my teaching days was recycled and some broken bits and bobs had to go in the bin :(


  1. Oooh, I just love your owl t-shirt and purse! Cute!

  2. Thanks Carolyn - I'm trying to buy less but I couldn't resist these!


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