Sunday, 6 March 2011


I was always attracted to the idea of meditating and being all zen-like, but I could never get my brain to switch off and be sensible.  That changed when I went to a 'creating calm' workshop as part of my teacher training, a wonderful man did a chakra-cleansing guided meditation with us and afterwards I felt A-mazing!  And I discovered that if I could use my inner voice to imagine calming and healing stuff going then it didn't keep interrupting me or thinking 'this is stooopid!'.  And it works, I am now more calm and zen-like, hurrah!

I usually use the free 'healing rains' meditation by Goddess Leonie Allen  from here (you need to sign up to be a VIP goddess to get it), it's fun and easy and it's only 8 minutes long!

Do you meditate? Whats your favorite way?

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