Sunday, 5 June 2011

Amigurumi Friends...Crochet Chick, Guinea Pig and Snail...

Last week I borrowed Super Cute Crochet by Nicki Trench from the library, and since then it's been all crochet, all the time chez moi!  I've tried to make amigurumi (cure Japanese crochet animals) before, but it went horribly wrong, but the instructions in this book made sense to me!  So far I've made a punky chick, a baby hamster/guinea pig/moomin and a snail.  I'm especially proud of the snail's shell, I used purple and blue yarn together to make it and it turned out really nice. 

This chick's name is punky chick, cos his hair looks like a mohawk!  He's made from 6ply cotton and a 2.5mm hook.  I maked him first!  I'm supposed to give him felt feet, but I don't like the look of them, so he can't stand up on his own at the moment, he has to lean on something!  All these ami's are about 2 inches long or wide, and all of them are stuffed with a bit of left over t shirt arm.  They're loads smaller than the examples in the book, because I used smaller yarn and a smaller hook.

This pattern is for a guinea pig, but I think my version looks more like a baby hamster, and also like a moomin!  He's made from 4ply acrylic and I embroidered his eyes on, which I like better than the beads I used for the punky chicks eyes.

of course, I HAD to make a snail, I made his head a little more realistic than the pattern suggested, I'm still deciding how to do his face, so at the moment he is featureless!

There's a pattern for a dolly I'm working on now, she's going to have pink hair!  Have you ever made amigurumis?  Do you have any recommendations for more ami books?  


  1. Never made any as I'm not talented with knit/crochet skills, but they look really cute, my favourite is the snail :)

  2. Aww, thanks Dreamer! :)

  3. My gosh! They are gorgeous!!! SO CUTE! Or should I say.. kawaiiiiiii!! (Oh dear, put me away, overuse of exclamation marks..)

  4. Thank you!! I don't think you *can* overuse the exclaimation mark!!!!!

  5. I love all of them --- so adorable!!!

  6. Aww thanks Karen! :)


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