Thursday, 9 June 2011

Things I Love Thursday...

This week I'm lovin'

* sunshine warming my back * sitting outside the pub and not needing a cardigan * laughing at the thought of my male friend dressed as a Christmas elf * making a crochet hamster and a pink haired doll * seeing old work colleagues * buying a Cath Kidston strawberry mug and 2 sparkly necklaces with the gift vouchers I was given when I left my old work * nice phone call with my old school friend * people viewing our house * reading 'Not Just a Witch' by Eva Ibbotson * buying a duck brooch and a bunny jug from the charity shop * having 4 walks in one day * the smell of roses * lots and lots of rag rugging * chickens *

What do you love this week?  Hope you're having a grrrrreat one!


  1. We've loved having two days off this week, visiting parts of Cornwall we haven't seen for years. Going out for a Gurkha curry with a friend, having a job cancelled this morning - so we could have a lie-in, being outside in the sunshine, walking in the countryside & being dive bombed by two swifts...

    Beautiful days!

    Kay :)

  2. mmm lie ins and days off sound great! Sounds like a lovely week Kay :)


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