Monday, 27 June 2011

Garden Garden...

Yesterday we spent hours in the 34 degree heat pottering about the was lovely!

At the old house we have all these strawberries in pots and planters, which are just about to start giving us lots of lovely berries...

We also have lots of lovely lettuce, and some leeks waiting to be planted...

In the green  house I have some pepper plants, spring onions (no matter what I try I can't get my spring onions to grow when I sow them outside, they grow inside though, very strange!) and some parsley.  The parsley's a bit floppy because I just split it up from one big clump into two (Monty Don says you'll get twice as much parsley then!)

At the new house we have peas!  and lots of nice, big, healthy herbs...

We have soo many gooseberries...we have 5 bushes.  Mum picked 8 pounds yesterday, which didn't even make a dent in the gooseberry overload we have...

In this bed are some of the gooseberry bushes (to the right), Pierre the pumpkin plant (at the front), onions, that are hard to see and which aren't being particularly successful and right at the back against the fence are some blackberries...

Here we have broad beans (front), spinach and beetroot, in between the rows of beans, and more onions...

Something funny happened to my broad beans...when they were in flower something came along and nibbled a round little hole in the top of each flower, now some of the bean pods are black and not nice looking, but the ones nearer the bottom seem to be healthy and big and green...ten points if you can tell me who the nibbler is, cos I have no idea!

In this bed are cabbages and broccoli (left) and huge potatoes (right)

Next we have leeks (at the back), 2 courgettes and a pumpkin (I had to do new courgettes, a slug ate through the main stem of my first one!  These new ones seem much healthier though, I let them grow in pots for a while longer, so if they get nibbled they might have more strength to survive!  I can already see little flower buds forming on them!) Also a row of new broad beans (which I planted when I thought my first beans were ruined), there's a row of spinach seeds just next to it, and just out of shot are some kale plants too...

Great excitement followed when I discovered a raspberry bush!  We didn't know it was there, I ate both the ripe berries there and then, but there a plenty more to come!

Finally, the greenhouse at the new house, some huge tomatoes, some teeny tomatoes, 2 cucumbers and a melon...

How do your garden's grow?


  1. No garden for me...someday I hope to have a veggie patch. I am jealous of your fresh (local!!organic!!) produce!

  2. Wow - It all looks amazing! I wish we could grow so much... The slugs & snails have been out in force just lately, though they've not touched the herbs!

    Kay :)

  3. Your garden is Beautiful! I'm having troubles with my herbs again but its been so rainy here. I hope they end up looking half as good as yours. Great job!

  4. I know Jaclyn, I'm soo excited to eat my homegrown veggies! I hope one day you find a veggie patch to call your own :)

    Thanks Kay, we're so lucky to have such a big garden...sorry to hear about your slugs and snails, we've had our fair share of slimy visitors too, but they don't seem to be making too much of an impact (fingers crossed)

    Thanks Shannon Marie! The only trouble we're having with our herbs is they're too big! Hope you get some lovely, sunny weather soon! :)

  5. Your garden fills me with such warmth and happiness. By the way, do you also have red gooseberries, they seem it from one of the photographs.

  6. Yes, we have red and green gooseberries, sadly when we went to the garden yesterday every single red beery had mysteriously vanished (I suspect Mr blackbird, mum suspects Mrs Next Door!) so we didn't get to eat any of them!

    Hope your new allotment is growing beautifully for you! :)

  7. What is the purpose of the white pipe in the middle of the strawberry planter? is it for watering and if so do you make holes in the pipe.

  8. yes, it's so water gets all the way down to the bottom, there are holes in the pipe too!


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