Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Product Swap...Puff to Flannel...

Epic battles have been fought in this house hold over this plasticy, nett-y bath puff...while pondering a more eco-friendly replacement for my previous bath puff, my mum got fed up of waiting and bought me a new one, which she now has taken against, because it's old and has gone big and puffy, so I had to think quickly this time...loofah's are too hard, hand crocheted cotton puffs get too soggy and heavy, the crochet hemp 'sponge' I had came unravelled...what to do?  Eventually I settled on a cotton  flannel (or face cloth), I know cotton isn't the most eco friendly fibre in the world, but surely it's better than plastic, at least it will biodegrade, and it's easy to wash.  It's also nice and scrubby, I have super-soft skin since I started using it.  I bought a pack of four, so I can wash them regularly and not run out.  A small, simple swap.

Have you made any swaps, big or small, to be more eco-conscious recently?


  1. I've made a similar swap - from always using a cotton wool pad & chemical cleanser to clean my face every morning & evening, to using a face cloth with homemade olive oil soap half the time. My face feels a lot softer/not greasy for longer with the cloth/soap but after bad experiences in the past, I'm not ready to give up the shop-bought cleanser entirely just yet. A small swap but one which should reduce my disposables (and chemical usage) without much effort :)

  2. That sounds like a good compromise, Louisa, you're right, it's always better to reduce your use of something even if you don't want to cut it out completely!


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