Monday, 20 June 2011

Library Love...Super Cute Crochet, Not Just a Witch...

I had another struggle to find inspiring books this month at the library...the branch local to me is very small, but it's about to get a make over, so I hope they get some new stock too! 

Super Cute Crochet - Nicki Trench
I LOVE this book!  I posted a couple of the projects I've made from this book earlier (crochet chick, snail, Guinea pig and dolly).  The instructions are super easy to follow, I'm a terrible instruction follower and have never been able to understand instructions to make amigurumi before, but this book makes it simple enough for even me to follow!  It definitely helps to keep the book on your lap while you're making a project, so you can keep track of where you are and how many stitches you're supposed to be making (I also found that even if you do the wrong number of stitches the patterns still work!)

Not Just a Witch - Eva Ibbotson
I found myself with another children's book this month...I did get an adult fiction book out (Touch Not the Cat by Mary Stewart, which I mainly chose for the title, I can't get into it though)  This Eva Ibbtson book was great, it's about a witch who has a toe of transformation and a knuckle of power, and her pet dragworm, and the adventures she gets into trying to make the world a better place (by turning all the bad people into animals, which isn't a bad idea if you ask me!)


  1. Listen if I lived by, I woudl make a deal with you - I'd bring the vegan cake and you start showing me to make things from crochet. I started to learn, but other than doing a loop and a few stitches, I haven't got any further.

    Would it be a deal you would be happy to take on?


  2. That sounds like a wonderful deal! Come to Shropshire!!!


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