Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Happy Blogiversary Tooo Meee!!

Two years ago today I started this blog!!

Thanks sooo much to all of you who read, follow and comment on my always make me smile!


  1. Happy happy Blogiversary to you.

  2. Thanks Jaclyn and Shaheen! :D

  3. Happy Blog Day!

    Love reading your ramblings & look forward to many more!

    Kay & Sime xx

  4. Thanks so much Kay and Sime :D xxx

  5. I've just come across your blog and am fascinated by the fact that you own a giant snail (the green efforts are also admirable, but the snail is just too funny)!

    As someone who recently adopted a house rabbit (i.e., one who behaves more like a free-roaming puppy than a caged guinea pig), I've taken a recent interest in unusual pets. How did you get him?!

  6. Hey Claire :)
    Well, giant african land snails are quite common as classroom or school pets here, my mum works in education and one of the schools she was visiting had too many snails (they breed like mad if you don't keep your eye on them!) and she brought two home for me (one died :( ) and I've had him ever since...I love him!

    Congratulations on your bunny adoption (I checked out pics on your blog, hes very cute!) I LOVE rabbits, but I'm very allergic to them (hence snailpet!)


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