Sunday, 12 June 2011

Angry Letter Reply...ASDA and Cucumbers...

So, even though ASDA are an evil corporation who double wrap their cucumbers at least their complaints department emailed me back quickly.  Here's what they have to say for themselves...

'Hello Susie

Thank you for your email about the packaging on our cucumbers.

I'm sorry that you were disappointed that the cucumber you bought was double wrapped. As you are aware of our recycling and zero waste policy I can understand your disappointment.

As you have read our commitment to reducing waste you will have seen how much we try to do to help the environment. What we also have to think about is ensuring that our products arrive with our customers in the freshest state possible. This is why we choose to use both a shrink wrap and a cellophane packaging on our cucumbers. I have however passed your email on to the relevant team and asked them to look into ways of reducing this packaging. I'm sure if they can find an effective way of doing this they will as soon as possible.

Thank you again for getting in touch. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Kind regards'

Which is pretty much the sort of answer I was expecting.  Funny how our home grown cucumbers keep for weeks without 1 layer of plastic, never mind 2!  Tut, tut, I shake my head at you ASDA and will not be (letting my mum be!) buying your cucumbers in the future.


  1. Well done, Sooz! :)
    This is the kind of action that everybody must do whenever you find an excessive way to wrap food or other products!
    I admire you! :)

  2. Aww thanks Danda! If stamps weren't so expensive I'd do what Mrs Green from Myzerowaste does and send the packaging back to the company, then they have to deal with getting rid of the unnecessary packaging!

  3. Hopefully they do actually pass on your letter. Every little bit helps! You have motivated me to watch more closely the packaging of my products. I hadn't thought about emailing the companies, so thanks! :)

  4. Sooz,

    You are so assertive. Well done, I totally applaud you.

    Another way to get their attention is to discard of their excessive packaging at the till when you have paid so they get to dispose of it, plus it makes a point to them and to onlookers.

    I hope you have heard good news on the job front, though I am wishing you find something more permanent.

    Dear Sooz - I also wanted to come by and say Thank you so much for your encouraging and kind comment on my blog recently. Really means a lot. Thank you. Kindest of wishes.

  5. I hope they do too Shannon Marie :)

    Aww shucks, thanks Shaheen :) I really like the idea of leaving the packaging at the till, I don't know if I'd be brave enough to do it, but I imagine it would be really effective!

    I'm still waiting to hear about both my jobs, no contracts for either of them, but one did send me on a course, so I hope thats a good sign! I really hope you find something great too, I know it's out there for you! x


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