Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Day I Saw David Tennant...

You may have noticed it's been a little quiet here the last few days...because I've been in London, with my mummy, getting very wet (it rained a LOT!) and mostly being very over excited about seeing David Tennant in Much Ado About Nothing!  We did some other touristy things like the Tate Britain, The National Gallery and Portrait Gallery and Westminster, but seeing David was the most exciting part.  I won't say much about the play, in case you have tickets I don't want to give it away, but it was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.  It was in Wyndham's Theatre, which is very beautiful and small, so even though we were on the second circle up, we still had a nice clear view and felt very close to the action.  And then afterwards we ran down to the stage door and I got my programme signed.  Unfortunately I didn't get to the front, so I didn't get to speak to Mr Tennant, he didn't even see me, I was just a hand, reaching over the crowd waving a programme at him, but I was still very close and it was very exciting!

Here are some photos, normal blogging will resume after I've recovered!



  1. Wow! You are so very lucky! Jealous. Do you think they'll do a tour of Aus? Ha.. :(

  2. I know! I can't belive I saw Dr Who...I'm still grinning manically every time I think about it! I hope they do go to Aus so you can see them...or at least they bring it out on DVD (they did with the version of Hamelt David Tennant was in, so maybe they will with this too!)


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