Thursday, 2 June 2011

Things I Love Thursday...

Extra big things I love this week, to include last week because I didn't have time to post (I can't actually remember fully what I loved last week, but for years I have written down at least 5 things I'm grateful for each day before bed, it's one of the routines I have for staying it's easy peasy for me to copy them out every Thursday)

* Glee * listening to Paulo Nutini * new skirt * giggly phone calls with my bestie * blue tits nesting in the new garden * being asked to help at the children's bug hunt at volunteering * the smell of Lush bath bombs * lovely emails * watching Black Cat White Cat * sorting out all my vintage fabrics * nice, sunny garden times * dancing to The Who in my bedroom * Dr Who * sofa +  blanket + saturday morning TV * baby birds in our garden growing up and getting cleverer * watching Horrible Histories * rice noodles * Miranda Hart on radio 2 * fluffy not being dead * coconut cakey biscuits * garlic bread * strawberries * Becky bringing me bourbons in the rain * sausage sandwhich * wearing antennae * when I was doing the bug hunt at volunteering two cute little boys chose wooden frog castanets as their prizes, as they drove out of the car park both of them were snapping their frogs wildy and laughing manically while waving them at me! * happy worms in the new compost * getting the final veggie plot dug * a line of baby starlings following a very confused looking pigeon round the garden * crocheting an amigurumi chicky * meeting nice new Theatre Project people *

What do you love this week? xxx

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