Thursday, 30 June 2011

Things I Love Thursday...

This week I lurve...

* 40 minute phone calls from my best Brazil lady * the smell of honeysuckle, roses and jasmine * popcorn * lunching with N * crocheting a rag rug * crochet blanket progress * new (to me!) wool and cath kidston duvet off ebay * friendly post man * listening to Texas Really loud * garlic bread * happy gardening times * eating home grown raspberries and strawberries * sunshine * booking a place on a felting workshop tomorrow * I start my new job on Sunday - woop woop! I'll be supervising children on a 3 week summer theatre project, sunday is the audition day where I get to meet them all - can't wait! * Finally getting some pennies from the job centre (I applied for JSA 2 months ago!) * very fluffy pigeon in the garden *

What do you Love this week?  Hope you're having a lovely time! xxx

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